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Waves Volleyball Club

Serving the Golden Isles and Southeast Georgia

Waves Volleyball Club offers training for youth athletes 10-18 years old.  We offer competitive club teams that range from 14U-18U, that compete regionally December-May.  We also offer a skill development program in the spring for aspiring 10–14-year-old players.  As well as skill focused clinics for middle school and high school age groups looking to master a set .  Waves Volleyball Club is a registered member of the Southeast Region Volleyball Association and USA Volleyball.


Mission & Values

Waves Volleyball Club is dedicated to developing athletes of character, coaching life-long skills, and instilling a passion for the game in a positive environment.
Vision: At Waves Volleyball Club, our vision is that players will be given the opportunity to learn the game of volleyball at the highest possible level, while simultaneously learning the important life lessons of teamwork, commitment, time management, sportsmanship and dependability. Our players will come to know the importance of giving their best effort to the things that are important to them and carry forward the values we share for the betterment of the rest of their lives.

  • Effort: we believe in rewarding and praising effort, regardless of outcome

  • Passion: we instill love for the sport that encourages volleyball for life

  • Respect: we promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for the game and all its participants

  • Integrity: we act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner

  • Dedication: we expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to its teams

  • Excellence: We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards

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